ALES pelletterie was born from art and experience of some mater leather artisans : a new reality of the general view of cloth and leathern production items.
Style, tradition and technology blend themselves to create some products joining highly functional character and the refinement of their working in a global aesthetics involving materials, drawings, shapes, colours, transmitting them beauty transforming them into “Life Instruments”
That’s the right way to create a wide range of lasting and indestructible items.
Bags, Wallets, Diaries, Photo albums, writing sets are fulfilled very carefully in all the various working phases.

We are able to create man/woman accessories, according to our artisan tradition through the most advance techniques, in order to satisfy market demands such as bags, wallets, diaries, photo albums, writing sets.

For each item process of manufacture, there’s a careful attention for details, for leather quality choice, the quality of realization and the chromatic works of materials.
Solidity and stylishness distinguish our items making them exclusive for a special, lasting present, pleasant working and travelling instruments.